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To achieve success, we need talented and dedicated people who are committed to making an impact every day.

Our ability to grow is driven by world-class people who thrive in a team environment. We're searching for the very best and brightest – from experienced managers to early-career professionals and outstanding students. If you're a top performer, we're looking for you.

Job Vacancy - Sales Executive

JATS is currently looking for Sales Executive with the following requirements:


-  Holding Jordanian Nationality

-  Bachelors degree in industrial engineering or business administration/sales

-  2- 3 years of related sales experience (Aviation experience is a plus)



-  Collaborates with sales and marketing teams to effectively achieve oganizational goals

-  Continuously works for process improvement, providing input to refine process and cater to new market opportunities

-  Enters, updates and maintains daily sales activities

-  Pitches customers and plans an effective sales targeting approach to the assigned sales targets

-  Prospects on business

-  Regularly follow ups on leads and sales inquiries



-  Strong communication and interpersonal skills

-  Good command of English

-  Customer focused approach and ability to learn and adapt to needs


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