Area of Interest


At JATS we have a fleet of simulators that meet the JAR-FSTD A certification standards. Royal Jordanian Airlines and all other customers operations require us to keep pace of current aircraft technology. Customer options can be configured into the simulators.


The simulators are to high technical standards with most required options enabling versatile training as per each customer's individual needs.


The simulators are maintained to a level that guarantees high reliability 24/7. Planning and scheduling your training with us is never difficult.


Whenever required our simulator technical team is always available to assist.


Each simulator has a wide range of full airport scenes, and the rest of world airports as generic models in the correct geographical location and navigation data. So your training will be performed at a familiar airport.


Check the various individual simulator data sheets for more details.

     1- A310-300 FFS

     2- A320-200 FFS (CFM56-5A1)

     3- A320-200 FFS (IAE V2527-A5 / CFM56-5B4)

     4- A320-200 FTD (TFST)

     5- B767-300ER FFS

     6- B737-800W NG FFS

     7- ERJ EMBRAER 170/190 FFS