Area of Interest

Type Conversion Training

Course Description:

This course Instructs and trains the pilot to the systems and operation of an A/C type. The instruction program is divided into theoretical and synthetic flight training phases.


Target Trainees:

This course is provided to trainees previously qualified on commercial Jets and with some experience in commercial Jet operations.



To train and qualify current pilots on A/C Type.


Method of training:

·         Theoretical training can take place at the premises of JATS in Amman-QAIA, or at a location chosen by the customer suitable for the intended training.

·         Knowledge transfer will be achieved by stand-up instruction in the classroom and computer based training (CBT). Each trainee is assigned a computer station for the theoretical phase and one for the instructor accompanied by training aids as data show projector.

·         In the simulator sessions, the trainee is invited to study integration of A/C type systems and subsequent procedures, as well as aircraft handling in normal/abnormal situations with respect to task sharing and crew coordination. The sessions are scheduled in FBS to study the procedures and in FFS to apply the procedures and practice aircraft handling.

·         A progress check at the end of the phase allows the instructor to evaluate if trainee's knowledge and skills fulfill the requirements.

·         Final exam will be conducted at the end of the course.



- 90 Theoretical Hours + Simulator Hours.