Area of Interest

CFM 56-5A Engine Maintenance

Course Description:

This is a conventional classroom instruction course, which introduces the CFM 56-5A / 5BEngine and its systems.


Target Group:

Qualified engineers and mechanics with good educational background and jet engine experience.



Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

·         Identify and locate components for each engine part.

·         Describe the function of the subsystems and identify its interface.

·         Servicing procedures of engine components.

·         Be able to safely operate the engine after a major repair and/or replacement of engine Components.

·         Identify normal and abnormal start procedures.

·         Carry out power plants tests in accordance with the Maintenance Manual for the according engine installed on the aircraft in


Method of Training:

Training can take place at the premises of JATS in Amman-QAIA, or at a location chosen by the customer suitable for the intended training. Knowledge transfer will be achieved by Stand-up instruction in the classroom, accompanied by training aids as data show projector and computer based presentations. Each participant will receive a training syllabus for personal use as well as to use during the course. Training requires a PCs for each Trainee and multimedia projector to be used by instructor.



Part of the training, are written multi-choice examinations with a minimum pass mark of 80% each. 



- 60 Hours