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Simulator Staff

Putting the spotlight on the Simulator Engineers and Technicians


The golden words in the aviation simulator- business are ‘Simulator is ready’.  Behind the scenes of being able to say these words, are a hard working, dedicated team of experienced professionals who work hard, they work day and night, they fix things that we don’t even imagine to exist and understand with a distinguishable efficiency to keep training devices running at an optimum level of readiness. No magic behind that as they are normal human beings not magicians, the secret hides behind three doors, experience, time and spare parts.

Why you do not have enough spare part in the warehouse? It would be so great to have full warehouse of all of kind spare parts. Then you just simply pick and replace. Sounds like a dream!!!

Time, time and more time is most of the cases required, it is really annoying for the customer who is asking “Is it ready?” to hear the answer “Not yet”, for sure you will be the first one to know when it is ready!!! at the same time the engineer is endeavoring to solve the problem before you may think it exists!

Thanks God, the engineer is sitting in the duty office… The simulator is healthy and flying!!!!


Keeping up with the high standards of customer requirements, the team works under constant stress situations to keep up with the latest technology to meet and exceed customer’s demands are the main concerns of the simulator engineer.