EASA First Approved A320-200 FFS Std.2.0 at JATS based on EASA CS-FSTD(A) Issue 2 as the Primary Reference

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Engine Fit: IAE V2527-A5 (Prime)

CFM56-5B4 (Alternate)

Primary Reference: EASA CS-FSTD(A) Issue 2

Additional Functionality: Full/Post Stall

Ready For Training

The following events can be conducted and trained on:

  1. IOS Operations with IPad IOS
  2. Upset Prevention and Recovery Training(UPRT): Prevention, Recognition and Recovery - 8 Scenarios with Startle & Surprise effect. Manoeuvre & Scenario-Based Training options at various altitudes and severities with Alpha-Beta Plots & V-n Plots and Training Envelops [Validated and Extended]
  3. Full/Post Stall
  4. High Altitude Stall
  5. Engine and Airframe Icing Effects
  6. Gusting Crosswind
  7. Bounced Landing
  8. Runway Overrun Protection System [ROPS]
  9. RNP-AR
  10. Auto Pilot TCAS7.1
  11. Back Up Speed Scale[BUSS]

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