Legacy FSTDs for Sale

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Due to the modernization of our fleet, JATS is issuing RFPs for the Sale of the below Legacy FSTDs:

  1. A310-300 Simulator/ THOMSON-CSF - Please Download the RFP
  2. A320-200 Simulator (FTD) / Thales / T7018 - Please Download the RFP
  3. A320-200 Simulator / THOMSON-CSF – Please Download the RFP

Furthermore, please note the followings:

- RFP Launch Date

14th March 2024

- Receiving Confidentiality Declaration letter

15th April 2024

- Q&A Submission Deadline Date

29th April 2024

- Q&A Jordan Airline Training and Simulation Answers Deadline Date

 08th May 2024

- Closing Due Date

16th May 2024


** Bidder can apply For All RFPs or Separate RFP.