JATS with BAA Training Aviation Academy offers A320 Base Training to JATS Students (Second Batch)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Through JATS recent partnership with the Lithuanian - based BAA Training Aviation Academy, JATS’ students now have a more affordable and accessible option for completing their advanced base training for type endorsement while JATS already provides a comprehensive range of training programs and courses for Cockpit, Cabin Crew, and Technical Aviation Professionals – including accredited Type Rating Courses and state – of – the art Simulation – Base Training has always been extremely limited and cost – prohibitive in Jordan and throughout the region until now.


When the Students Ahmad Mhaidat, Moemen AlOmari, Mohd AlAbadi, Abdallah Qumuq and Mohd Allohaimeq decided to complete their base training in order to endorse A320 Type to their Licenses and increase their future employment prospects, they turned to JATS for guidance and support.


 “The base training at BAA was as excellent experience, and we were able to achieve a major mile stone in our aviation training at an affordable cost. Thanks to JATS support” they said.  


Thanks to CARC’s (Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission) support and to BAA training Aviation Academy. 


CARC authorized JATS exclusively for the following courses at Baltic Avaition Academy (BAA):

     1)    A320 – Aircraft Base Training

     2)    B737 CL – Type Rating

     3)    TRI / SFI – Ratings

Accordingly, all Jordanian’ Cadet Pilots shall refer to JATS prior contacting Baltic Aviation Academy (BAA).