JATS has successfully maintained Level ‘D’ EASA standards on its A320 CEO and EMB 170/190 FSTDs, requalification audit was carried by EASA team during period 28th August – 02nd September, 2021

Sunday, September 12, 2021

EASA Accomplished its surveillance audit during the period of 28th August – 02nd September, 2021 on our A320 CEO, ERJ 170 & ERJ 190 FSTDs, considering COVID-19 pandemic situation; JATS’ Team managed to maintain Level ‘D’ EASA standards for all devices, in addition, JATS managed to obtain the UPRT Approval from EASA on ERJ 170 & ERJ 190 after the update and installation of the latest requirements by EASA Regulation (CS-FSTD A, Issue 2).


Two years ago; we have updated our A320 CEO FSTD to the latest Airbus Standard (STD 2.0) with full UPRT functionality under EASA CS-FSTD A, Issue 2 and this update considered as an initial certification for the device, then we delivered thousands of training hours to our customers to qualify them to be one of the first pilots to handle the aircraft in the presence of any upset (UPRT) situation in the real life.


Now we are opening our doors to our ERJ customers who operate the ERJ 170/175 & ERJ 190/195 to be the first pilots to become qualified on the UPRT to manage how to handle any upset (UPRT) situation.


These maneuvers will be delivered by our Approved Instructors from the local CAA with a wealth of their experience and expertise on the aircraft to train our Customers, as they managed to graduate thousands of pilots during their services at JATS using the approved syllabus by the Local CAA.


Waiting you to join our ride whether you are an Instructor or Pilot.    


We are always committed to deliver on JATS promise “learning to fly never ends”

We will be more than happy to serve you!

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