in-flight training

In-Flight Training

In-Flight Safety & Service Training

It takes a lot of time, energy and enthusiasm, but cabin crew training is also a lot of fun. And you’ll be taught everything you need to know in 16 days period, so you’re ready to fly.

The Initial Cabin Crew Safety Training Course is the first and essential step towards the flight attendant career. The training is dedicated to cover all matters concerning specific cabin crew member proficiency requirements and should be followed by the Conversion Training Course for the specific aircraft type.

Cabin Crew Initial Safety Training - Airlines & Private Individuals

Cabin Crew Initial Safety training includes a combination of both theoretical and practical components. This ensures the most realistic learning conditions, offering you the Cabin Crew Initial Training approved course according to the (JCAR) regulations 1.1005

The course is delivered in a fun and informative way by the Trainers. To graduate from the course, you will need to pass exams on all the subjects studied on the course and at the end you will be presented with an attestation, and can start with The Conversion training 

Cabin Crew Recurrent Training

Recurrent Training Course is designed to maintain the level of proficiency and refresh the knowledge in skills used in normal and emergency situations relevant to A/C operations as well as generic subjects. The course consists of the theoretical and practical training, as well as individual practice.

Senior Cabin Crew training

We deliver Senior Cabin Crew Training courses for corporate operators who have multi cabin crew complements onboard their aircraft. The training is delivered in compliance with the requirements of global commercial airlines or corporate operators and their corresponding Aviation Authorities and focuses on the safety and team leadership aspects of the Senior Cabin Crew Member role.

Service and Customer Service Excellence

We provide service training to new entrants and annual service refresher training to cabin crew members already working as flight attendants.

Our service training is based on the airline vision, values and service principles. The key element is delivering friendly and caring customer service. We’ll focus on practical learning, but naturally there are theories behind every practice.

Customization of Training