Service and Customer Service Excellence

We provide service training to new entrants and annual service refresher training to cabin crew members already working as flight attendants.

Our service training is based on the airline vision, values and service principles. The key element is delivering friendly and caring customer service. We’ll focus on practical learning, but naturally there are theories behind every practice.

Customization of Training

  • Customer Service Basics
  • Effective Communication with Customers
  • Handling Difficult Customers
  • Service and Company Values
  • Representing the Company's Brand
  •  Business Class Service
  •  First Class Service
  • Economy class service
  • Grooming (personal hygiene ,hair style ,makeup, and jewelry )
  • Etiquette and general behavior  


  • Cabin crew members attending a training program must be employed by an airline.



The duration of the training course will be determined in consultation with the respective airline. It can last from one to several days.








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