Cabin Crew Initial Safety Training - Airlines & Private Individuals

Cabin Crew Initial Safety training includes a combination of both theoretical and practical components. This ensures the most realistic learning conditions, offering you the Cabin Crew Initial Training approved course according to the (JCAR) regulations 1.1005

The course is delivered in a fun and informative way by the Trainers. To graduate from the course, you will need to pass exams on all the subjects studied on the course and at the end you will be presented with an attestation, and can start with The Conversion training 

The initial training is very demanding; therefore it is important to focus on all training areas. We evaluate your success all the way during the course. Attitude is as important as knowledge and

skills. During the course there will be the following types of tests:

  • Practical demonstration/hands-on tests
  • Computer-based tests
  • Oral and written tests

Cabin crew candidates must be able to pass tests with at least 80% correct answer. English is commonly used as documentation language, as it is the language used within aviation.

Course duration

16 working days

Pre entry requirements:

  • Minimum age of 18 years old
  • High school diploma passed or equivalent
  • Good knowledge of English Language(speak, write ,read, understand)
  • Ability to pass Aviation Medical to relevant authority.
  • Minimum height of 158 cm

Evaluated items are:

English fluency and general communication.




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