Cabin Crew Recurrent Training

Recurrent Training Course is designed to maintain the level of proficiency and refresh the knowledge in skills used in normal and emergency situations relevant to A/C operations as well as generic subjects. The course consists of the theoretical and practical training, as well as individual practice.

Cabin Crew Recurrent Training is delivered by our experienced team of instructors, ensuring that the course complies with the requirements of the corporate operators and their corresponding Aviation Authorities. Recurrent training for cabin crew can be delivered as a full course or with certain stand-alone topics or modules such as First Aid, crew resource management, Doors & Exits Practical, Fire & Smoke Practical and others.

Each cabin crew member must complete recurrent training and checking every year. You have to pass the multi-choice test with a pass mark of at least 80%.

The course is entirely tailored to customer needs. It is conducted by JATS on behalf of the operator. The operator must have the course approved by the relevant authority.


Participants must first have completed Initial Safety Training and a Conversion course.


The duration of the course depends on the chosen topics and customer requirements.




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