A320 Family Initial Type Rating 


To train and qualify crew members on A/C type.


Prerequisites (Jordanian license holder)

English level

  • Valid ICAO level 4 or higher,
  • Fluency in English (able to write, read and communicate at an adequately understandable level in English language).


  • Valid ATPL or,
  • Valid CPL/IR and valid ATPL Theoretical Knowledge examination report.


  • Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate or Class 2 for PPL holders.


  • Valid Multi-Engine Instrument rating.

MCC requirement

  • Hold a Certificate of satisfactory completion of Multi-Crew Co-operation (MCC) or,
  • MCC course is to be combined to the type rating course to comply with JCAR-FCL 1.261 & 1.262 and AMC JCAR-FCL 1.261(d) and Appendix 1 to JCARC-FCL 1.261(d).

Applicants having:

  • Either a certificate of satisfactory completion of MCC in accordance with JCARFCL 2 and experience of more than (100) hours as a pilot of a multi-pilot helicopter, or
  • Experience of more than (500) hours as a pilot on multi-pilot helicopter, or
  • Experience of at least (500) hours as a pilot in multi-pilot operation in accordance with JCAROPS
  • on single pilot- airplanes JCAR-CS 23 multi-engine airplanes or equivalent, shall be considered to meet the requirements of MCC.

Minimum flight experience

  • Total flight time on aero plane 70 hours as Pilot In Command (PIC).


  • With MCC:

         Theoretical Knowledge phase: 20 Working Days including ( 1 FTD , 1 FBS sessions )

          Flight Simulator Phase: 5 FBS+9 FFS

  • Without MCC:

        Theoretical Knowledge phase: 16 Working Days including (1 FTD , 1 FBS sessions)

        Flight Simulator Phase: 5 FBS+9 FFS



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