EASA 147 A330 (GE CF6) To A330 (PW4000) Difference 


  • To provide the systems differences between the two models.
  • Identify and locate components of the Aircraft.
  • Describe the function of the systems and identify its interface.
  • Identify and explain the controls associated with each system including its indications and annunciators associated with it.
  • Servicing procedures of aircraft systems and components.

Minimum prerequisites:

Trainees must be qualified as line maintenance certified technician or be holder of a PART-66 aircraft maintenance license in the category B1 and B2 or equivalent with (A330 200/300 TRENT 700) or (A330-200/300 CF6-80 E1 OR PW 4000).


  • Theoretical part: 36 Hours.
  • Practical part: 60 Hours.



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