EASA 147Embraer ERJ-170/190 (GE CF34) T1/B1+T2/B2


Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to:

  • Recall the normal function of these systems as applicable; electrical, fuel, auxiliary power unit, power plant, hydraulic power, landing gear, flight controls, pneumatic power, air conditioning, fire protection, oxygen, water and waste,      equipment and furnishings, lights, doors, windows, indicating, recording, communication, navigation and auto flight.
  • Identify the interfaces between all airframe systems. 
  • Recall the safety precautions to be observed when working on or near the aircraft. 
  • Operating systems. 
  • Identifying normal and non-normal indications provided by aircraft controls, displays and built-in-test-equipment (BITE). 
  • Identify power sources for al systems.
  • Recall the locations of the principal components and access to those components. 
  • Use the Minimum Equipment List (MEL) to identify systems and components required for dispatch and any procedures to allow dispatch with systems/components inoperative. 
  • Use aircraft troubleshooting tools to diagnose correct and verify the repair of faults.
  • Analyze known in-service problems for the aircraft type.
  • Safety procedures. 
  • Usage of aircraft maintenance documentation. 
  • Performing system, engine, component and functional checks as specified in the maintenance manual. 
  • Correlating information for the purpose of making decisions
  • In respect to fault diagnosis and rectification to maintenance manual level. 
  • Describing procedures for replacement of components unique to aircraft type. 
  • Servicing procedures of al aircraft systems and components.  
  • Trouble shooting of aircraft, power plant and avionics systems based on information from the crew. 
  • Fault rectification of aircraft, power plant and avionics systems. 
  • Analyze known in-service problems for the aircraft type.

Minimum prerequisites:

Trainees must be qualified as line maintenance certified technician or be holder of a PART-66 aircraft maintenance license in the category B1 and B2 or equivalent .


  • Theoretical part: 200 Hours.
  • Practical part: 60 Hours.





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